Leah has spent most of her career focused on exploring female identity issues through her photography. She spent years working for Playboy and has dedicated the last 3 to documenting breastfeeding moms. This is a book of 101 photos where all but 3 moms are connected - Leah sent out an email to her two pregnant cousins who forwarded it on to other moms and so the network grew, with Leah traveling around the world to photograph these women at work nourishing their children. What amazed me most about this project is when I asked about how the shoots took place in terms of other people getting offended or upset or irritated at women just breastfeeding in public (because we have all seen the furor online about this). Leah tells me that this doesn’t seem to be the case in real life most of the time. Often people didn’t even bat an eyelid. That’s refreshing to hear. So what’s next for Leah now that she has focussed on the sexualisation of women and published a book on breastfeeding…maybe covering public toilets and feminine hygiene around the world, because if you are a man, these things are just a little easier and not everyone thinks about that either. Leah has started photographing public toilets during her travels and this is something I hope leaves the ‘maybe’ category and becomes a ‘definite’.

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