Bush Radio interview, 1:30pm, 10th July

"Leah Hawker is a photographer and creative who works with women's issues and really focuses on women's empowerment.  She is the creator of the book Breastfeeding 101. Breastfeeding 101 is filled with photographs and short stories by and about women. She started this controversial yet empowering project after becoming aware of the negativity on social media about public breastfeeding.

The project and book Leah has created aims to break the negative stereotype of something as beautiful as feeding a child with “personalised milk”, no two women’s milk is the same. Breastmilk is filling and it's a medicine of its own, she reported. Even though Leah is not a mother, she fully sympathises with this important women's issue and says that creating the book Breastfeeding 101 was an opportunity to be supportive.

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