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About the Mothers

"I connected these mothers by returning to the principles of the “oral tradition”: the art of passing information and knowledge between individuals, personally. In May 2016 I sent off two text messages to my cousins, both new mothers. I asked them to share my idea about the project with the mothers that they knew. The project unfurled organically. As soon as I connected with a new Mother I would begin to set up a shoot and interview. and I placed each mother and child in public locations that were as diverse as possible. I continued meeting with and documenting mothers until I reached my target number of 101.

The series of portraits does not aim to be a balanced or a scientific cross-section. My process developed intuitively, and with the aim of reaching the most wide-ranging group of women, I could find. Each mother met me at a given location for her portrait and told me her stories..."


Below is a selection of images from the project.